The Best Admob Alternatives for Developers: 2022

Every app developers and publishers out there knows about AdMob by Google, regardless of their industrial experience. Admob is undoubtedly one of the best advertising networks of publishers because it offers a vast number of ad networks and ad inventories. The best way to monetize your apps is by opening up an account with advertising networks like Admob. You might start well, by developing an app from scratch and paying heed to the services and the products your app promises to provide. While this might seem to be enough for making money from your app, most of the time, you would see the reality is far stretched from your dream. And if you don’t want to choose Admob for any reason whatsoever, you should start by comparing the benefits of The Best Admob Alternative for Developers and selecting the one which will match your advertising requirements and fit into your budget.

The Best Admob Alternatives List for Developers in 2022

Take cues from the giant businesses all over the world, and pick one of these advertising networks which are quite similar to AdMob, in terms of benefits, payouts, etc.

1. Unity Ads

Over the years, Unity Ads have proved to be one of the most efficient ad networks for gaming apps and therefore if you are developing a gaming app don’t hesitate to integrate video ads into your mobile games with the help of Unity Ads. This action will add more money into your pockets over the gamers’ lifetime and will trigger engagement.


  • This platform excels in providing the highest ARPU or Average Revenue per User to the publishers of apps.
  • The installation and setup process of Unity Ads is super easy if you are already using the Unity Engine, but if you are not, you would have to implement their universal SDK.
  • To monetize the user base of gaming apps, Unity Ads has collaborated with publishers like Next Games, Half Bricks and SEGA.
  • Unity Ads claims to monetize your user base with 97% users making in-app purchases.

What Users Loved the Most:

Instead of focusing too much on fill rates and eCPM rates, Unity Ads aims to enhance the lifetime value of users.

2. Appodeal

The best thing about using Appodeal is that it offers collaboration to up to 60 ad networks. Therefore developers can expect their fill rates to be always high because so many ad networks would be competing for the ad inventories. Also, Appodeal uses the best of both the waterfall and the programmatic model, known as the Hybrid header bidding model.


  • The demand control centre or DCC of Appodeal offers you the complete flexibility of connecting ad network accounts from your dashboard.
  • The dashboard is useful and detailed and offers insightful metrics.
  • Users can cross-promote their apps from their monetized platforms.
  • To help you make strategic decisions about your ad monetization platform, you can uncover some important metrics like eCPM ecay and ad lTV with the help of data generated by the platform.

What Users Loved the Most:

Appodeal lets you divide your audience into segments and then analyze their performance.

3. Adcolony

Adcolony is one of the best ad networks featuring in this AdMob alternatives list for both publishers and advertisers and it undoubtedly specializes in video advertising. Its customer base consists of about 1.4 billion users spread throughout the world and is renowned for offering a huge range of ad formats.


  • To drive user engagement, Adconoly generates stunning HD video ads.
  • The dashboard displays several useful resources with the help of which publishers can assess the efficiency of their campaigns.
  • The eCPM payout of Adcolony starts from 0.5 per completed view of a video.
  • You can access about 500+ advertisers on this platform.

What Users Loved the Most:

Adcolony ensures maximum fill rates and high eCPMs.

4. Mobvista

Mobvista is one of the leading advertising networks of the world, mainly due to the advanced technologies embedded in its features. To help customers build advanced advertising models, Mobvista integrates technologies like big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.


  • Offers a lightweight SDK and you can integrate the SDK easily.
  • The interface all enables multiple app promotion in a single platform simultaneously.
  • Publishers can conduct competitor and keyword analysis to be the best at their games.
  • Users can turn on geo-targeting functionalities so as to target their audience based upon their geographical location.

What Users Loved the Most:

The platform employs anti-fraud technologies to prevent publishers from stepping into fraudulent collaborations.

5. Smaato

If you require assistance for your programmatic campaigns, then you can go with Smaato. The platform can also help you if you want more demand partners to compete for your ad inventory. Within no time you would see a lift in your revenue because of the high CPM rates provided by Smato.


  • With the help of Smaato, you would be able to reach over to a wide audience globally which would not be available in other SSP networks.
  • The QPS control is extremely flexible and lets you adjust your infrastructure costs while receiving inventory of your interest.
  • The ad requests you would send over to Smaato would receive a great request-to-join ration.
  • The customer support team would always be by your side, regardless of the complexity of the problem you face.

What Users Loved the Most:

There is an exclusive financial team of Smaato who would ensure that you always get payments on time.

The Best Admob Alternatives List for Developers in India in 2022

Are you looking for an Admob substitute which would help you to monetize your apps from India by catering to the Indian audience? Look no further, and take a look at this list:

1. Epom Apps

Ask any successful app developer, and they would tell you about how Epom Ads is the next gen app monetization software and the top admob alternative in India. If you partner with Epom Ads, you would get to know how to maximize your in-app ad revenue. Currently, Epom Ads offer high-quality ad formats which would work in the favor of publishers by helping them to engage their users effectively.


  • The feature loads ad-server will offer you real-time advertising campaign data with the help of which developers can create reports.
  • You would also find numerous reporting tools which would make generating reports super easy.
  • No matter how many advertisers you merge with, Epom Ads will manage everything on your behalf without creating any hassles.
  • The multi-platform capabilities of this ad network help you to work with several platforms, in a single place simultaneously.

What Users Loved the Most:

Epom supports all the popular ad formats, so you would have plenty of options here.

2. Inmobi

InMobi, another great AdMob alternative has also proven to be best for developers in India because it has a great network of advertisers. You would be able to reach out to far-away advertisers and add in-app revenue. The platform also offers contextualized and personalized recommendations so to help you connect with advertisers all around the world.


  • Innovative ad formats will thrill and entertain your audience.
  • The reporting dashboard is transparent and pretty easy to use.
  • You can create ads with the help of the ad-creation platform designed with HTML 5.
  • Offers free SDKs for iOs and Android platforms.

What Users Loved the Most:

Publishers are given complete flexibility to conduct cross-promotion and re-targeting.

The Best Admob Alternatives List for High eCPM in 2022

What if your ultimate requirement from an AdMob Alternative is nothing but high eCPM? These ad networks listed here are designed in a way to offer you enhanced eCPM rates.

1. Vungle

Vungle is a startup specializing in offering advertising services to publishers spread all over the world. Also, this ad network is popular for offering HD Videos of 15 seconds as ads which are pre-cached and also can be optimized for different devices. To help publishers make kor earnings, Vungle enables app marketing across 250 apps. Publishers can create in-house videos for designing campaigns and optimize it to reach their target audience.


  • Publishers would be able to reach out to DSPs and the setup process of the network is simple.
  • Publishers would need only one SDK to proceed with and the SDK can be easily integrated.
  • Users would be able to drive user engagement with the help of creative ad templates and formats.
  • Vungle also is adept in offering LTV services so that you can stretch your customer base.

What Users Loved the Most:

Vungle has employed data algorithms in its platform so that you can conduct A/B tests on your video ads before launching them.

2. Chartboost

Chartboost one of the AdMob alternatives with high eCPM focuses on getting out of its way to connect app developers with advertisers. If you are interested to run ads on your gaming app, then you can strongly hold the hand of Chartboost and it will guide you towards a successful endeavour. If you identify as a freelance or a single publisher then Chartboost will allow you to cross-promote your other apps as well.


  • You can connect with other publishers and cross-promote their apps for free.
  • Developers can integrate SDK just by writing a few lines of coding languages.
  • It is one of the few AdMob alternatives from which you can expect complete transparency which would help you to make crucial decisions.
  • Chartboost also provides you with analytical reports for all the campaigns that you choose to run from it.

What Users Loved the Most:

Chartboost is an expert when it comes to creating ad experiences which would fit into the likings of mobile gamers.

3. Tapjoy

Tapjoy is another AdMob alternative which has been popular because of its maximum impact ensures peak performance for the highest-grossing app developers all over the world. Also, the platform has accomplished in introducing an innovative way for users to respond to mobile advertising. It involves offering users virtual currency in lieu of watching ads which they can use for purchasing in-app content.


  • The Reconnect feature of Tapjoy helps users to target existing users who have already installed one of the apps.
  • You would come across the Tapjoy Ad Marketplace where you can list apps and games according to the Pay-per-install basis.
  • Tapjoy allows you to make the most of the features of CPA which would allow you to run campaigns outside your apps.
  • Offers various ad formats like interstitial, banner, video and direct response campaigns.

What Users Loved the Most:

To determine how your apps and games are performing, you can get your hands on real-time reporting tools.

Best Admob Alternatives with Minimum Payout: $20

This list featuring Admob alternatives with minimum payout is ideal for the developers who although cannot afford to spend much on an advertising network but are not willing to compromise on the quality of the ad network.

1. Adversal

Adversal is a native ad mediation platform and it acts as a boon to bloggers who cannot get their hands on AdMob. The platform implements geo-targeting features which ensure that the advertisers would have to pay high charges for their ads to be displayed on the publishers’ apps which will result in a boost in the publishers’ revenue.


  • Although the payout is quite low, publishers would be enjoying high CPM rates.
  • Adversal is most popular for their pop-up ads but they also offer other ad formats like banner, leaderboard, ministitial, skyscraper, etc.
  • Their financial team ensures that publishers get paid on time.

What Users Loved the Most:

Users would be able to track numerous advertising campaigns with the help of advanced reporting functionalities of Adversal.

2. Applovin

This comprehensive ad development platform named Applovin founded in 2012 helps publishers and businesses of all sizes to connect with their ideal customers and earn revenue from them. Applovin is focussed in helping both indies and established developers grow by catering to their requirements concerning the mobile app ecosystem.


  • With the help of advanced algorithms, publishers can target customers who are most likely to download their apps.
  • Users can acquire new customers in a particular geographical region by geo-targeting features.
  • Applovin enables users to access a large database of customers so to offer them new opportunities of earning.
  • After navigating into the platform, you would come across tools with the help of which you can optimize and measure the performance of your campaigns.

What Users Loved the Most:

Applovin also displays real-time data generated from your advertising strategies which would help you make the right decisions in the long run.


Don’t let the hard work you have put into developing and marketing your mobile apps go into a complete waste. Instead, choose an AdMob alternative for developers to select the right in-app advertising model and meet with demand networks and in no time you would be able to double your ROI.