Best Native Ad Network for Apps Developers Edition: 2022

When it comes to the online advertisement of apps, you would hear the term ‘ native’ quite often. Firstly you should understand the fact that ‘ native ads’ are paid content. Ads which can mould itself to the platform it is being displayed on is being referred to as native ads. After you have done the last thing required to develop your app, you would have to look for opportunities to monetize it. Because unless you do that, you would not be getting paid for all your hard work. With every passing year, the spend on native ads has been continuously growing, because there are umpteenth benefits of hosting native ads on your apps. Experts suggest that native ads will tend to increase because it looks least like ads, compared to the other ad formats. Native ads have been found to offer banner blindness up to an extent and additional value to the audience, thereby bringing in more revenue.

Choose the Right Native Ad Network for your App

Although choosing a native ad network for your apps is highly essential, choosing one is not going to be super-easy. You would have to conduct extensive research before investing in a native ad platform. Choosing one and not finding it suitable for your business would cause you to look for an appropriate native ad network, and the entire process would be a complete hassle.

Multiple Formats

Native ads come in a ton of innovative formats, like in-feed ads, paid search ads and before choosing a native ad network for your app, you need to determine the ad networks you would need.

Global Demand

A decent native ad network would receive global popularity by helping publishers connect with advertisers spread all over the world.

Includes Video Native Ads

Ads, when it comes in the form videos, tend to engage the audience more than the advertisements which come in other formats, so you should specifically concentrate on this particular feature of a native video ad.

Supports Ad Mediation

If you want to be able to manage and optimize multiple ad networks in one place, then with the help of a native ad network offering ad mediation features, you can easily execute it.

High Fill Rate

This indicates that publishers would enjoy better earning chances by getting to play as many videos as possible and the more the number of videos your audience will view, the high the chances of them installing the apps.

Integrated SSPs and DSPs

Without DSPs and SSPs, publishers would not be able to rent ad-space to the advertisers for publishing their ads, and therefore you should not miss checking out this feature while choosing a native ad platform.

The Best Native Ad Network for Apps of 2022

If you want to follow the footsteps of successful app developers spread all over the world, then you should check out the detailed reviews of these top mobile ad networks for apps.


Launched way back in 2008, MGID has acted as a pioneer of the native ad networks by managing to reach over millions of websites. Over the years, MGID has also proved to be one of the favourite platforms for affiliate marketers because it demands only $100 as a deposit to start a campaign.


  • MGID offers a ton of attractive geo-targeting options to target the user based on the language they speak or the state they live in.
  • The network even let publishers schedule the time for displaying specific ads.
  • You can also put a cap on the frequency, that is the number of times an ad is viewed.
  • Publishers can even conduct selective bidding to drive results.

What Users Loved the Most:

MGID poses a low entry barrier so small businesses and publishers can easily register with MGID.

2. Revcontent

Revcontent is relatively a newcomer when it comes to the native ad advertising for apps but it aims to strike a balance between being affiliate friendly and partnering with quality publishers. To be accepted by Revcontent you need to match with certain quality standards.


  • The platform enables publishers to monetize their ad traffic at 30-50% higher rates compared to similar platforms.
  • You would be able to generate additional revenue by monetizing ads which will match user interests.
  • As the network of Revcontent is far stretched, you would be able to earn revenue by hiring ad space to the advertisers.

What Users Loved the Most:

Publishers would be given complete control of the widgets so that they can show the right videos to the right quince at the right time.

3. OutBrain

Outbrain strongly believes in quality and that is why from ist very start it has been empowering publishers to compete for user engagement and retention. Most of the traffic of Outbrain comes from the Tier-I countries and nonetheless to say it is partnered with some of the top advertisers of the world, including intel, Loreal, Lego.


  • Publishers would be able to improve their RPMs, all thanks to the quality brands available in the platform.
  • Also, users would be offered a full editorial control to understand the needs and wants of customers and to personalize their experiences accordingly.
  • Numerous optimization functionalities of outbrain ensure that your audiences stay engaged for a longer period of time.
  • Users can expect a high CPC generated from their campaigns.

What Users Loved the Most:

The Smartfeed allows publishers to explore and drive their monetization goals.

4. Nativo

This award-winning native ad platform, named Nativo is an ideal platform for those publishers who want to distribute, measure and optimize native advertising. Nativo partners with advertisers offering a plethora of native ads and helps publishers in boosting their earnings by displaying these ads on their apps.


  • It breaks down figures like estimated revenue, impressions served and average daily revenue so that publishers can understand their advertising performance.
  • The interface is clean and organized and easy to understand.
  • Setting up a campaign in Nativo is super simple.
  • Customer service will offer you help and insights with the help of which your tasks would become effortless.

What Users Loved the Most:

Nativo has integrated programmatic capabilities in its platform and because of it click lands in actual articles and not in landing pages.

5. TripleLift

TripleLift has been known all over the world as the native ad network which helps brands tell their captivating stories through the aid of visual content to a wide range of audience. When it comes to creative capabilities, there are only a few native ad networks which can compete with TripleLift because their ads can effectively blend in all native environments.


  • The customer representatives will offer you recommendations regarding optimizing your ads.
  • The user interface is simple and straightforward and can be easily exported in other platforms.
  • Focuses on the design and creative parts of the native ads which attracts the attention of audiences effortlessly.

What Users Loved the Most:

TripleLift allows seamless integration with all apps and sites, which is a bonus point.

6. Adcash

Adcash is a smart native ad network which has been fulfilling the advertising goals of millions of publishers, affiliate marketers, advertisers throughout the globe since the last 11 years. The platform stands out from other ad networks by offering all-in-one advertising solutions. Adcash serves worldwide users, protects the users from frauds and helps them to monetize their campaigns.


  • To offer flexibility and utmost freedom to the users, Adcash offers a menu of ad formats.
  • Over 150 developers are available to provide hands-on support.
  • Advanced ad technology comes with creative, optimizing and reporting tools for the publishers.
  • Offers about 5 different pricing models so as to fit into the budget of both small and large businesses.

What Users Loved the Most:

By implementing predictive algorithms, Adash ensures that the right ad appears at the right time automatically.

7. Taboola

Since 2007, Taboola has managed to create its mark in the native ad domain by focussing on the traffic flow. However, the best thing about Taboola is that it brings in the newsfeed kind of experience we find in social media right on to your pages which makes the game of publishers stronger than ever.


  • Taboola offers an intuitive interface which is fairly easy to use.
  • The team is helping in providing you insights and recommendations about the advertisers you can connect with.
  • Users can analyze the data generated by Taboola to determine how the campaigns are performing.
  • Taboola enables users to A/B test images and titles before launching it for the audience.

What Users Loved the Most:

Taboola will automatically pick the relevant content to showcase in your apps or websites.

8. EvaDev

Evadav is slightly different from the ones mentioned in this list of native ad networks for apps because it also offers push notifications advertising solutions apart from native ads functionalities. They have almost 60 million subscribers and their aim is to help publishers by offering them earning opportunities.


  • Only the verified advertisers with the messages coming from the Evadav domain will be accepted.
  • Publishers would be assigned a personal account manager 24/7.
  • Upon referring other publishers, they would earn 5%.
  • The registration process is easy and quick.

What Users Loved the Most:

Publishers would be able to integrate their apps with trackers like PeerClick, BeMob, Binom, etc.

The Best Native Ad Networks for Apps in India

This list of top mobile ad networks 2022 is ideal for the app developers who conduct their businesses from India and want to grab hold of a platform to take care of their native advertising needs.

1. Appodeal

If you choose Appodeal as your advertising partner they can always expect your fill rates to be extremely high because this platform allows you access to over 60 million advertisers. Also if you are a fan of both the waterfall and the programmati model, then leave all your worries and register with Appodeal native advertising network today.


  • Publishers can cross-promote a number of apps from their established platform.
  • The dashboard is intuitive and offers smart metrics.
  • It is from the dashboard only that you can directly connect with ad networks with the help of the Demand Control Centre.

What Users Loved the Most:

Appodeal delivers targeting options to help publishers uncover the performance of different target groups in detail.

2. Adcolony

If you are in search of the best mobile ad network in India then you can consider relying on the services of AdColony which has been serving about 1.4 billion users throughout the world. Publishers have been becoming a fan of AdColony because of its instant play HD video ads, Aurora HD engaging video ads and numerous other playable technologies which have been improving the advertising solutions for quite some time now.


  • AdColony promises high eCPM and fill rates to the publishers.
  • The vivid video ads of AdColony manages to engage audiences successfully.
  • The platform features an interactive dashboard where users would be able to find many useful metrics to improve their campaigns.

What Users Loved the Most:

AdColony enables publishers to reach out to about 500+ advertisers.

3. Unity Ads

If you own a gaming app and you want to host ads of other gaming apps or eCommerce apps, then Unity Ads would be able to guide you towards a successful endeavour. With the help of seamless integration, Unity Ads enable game developers to target gamers who would be interested in downloading a specific game.


  • The platform of Unity Ads is perfectly compatible with major game engines like Adobe Air, Marmalade, etc.
  • It is also ideal for app mediation and it is being coded in a way to accept plug-in requests from MoPub and SkyRocket.
  • With the help of the web dashboard and improved AI, users would be able to get real-time reporting.
  • Unity Ads stands up to its promise of offering the highest ever ARPU to the publishers.

What Users Loved the Most:

Developers have the option of increasing the Lifetime value (LTV) of their users.

4. Mopub

If you want to make the most of an open-source SDK of a native ad network, then you consider registering up with MoPub. In the platform, publishers have the complete flexibility of choosing among direct ads, ad networks and real-time bidding process. This ensures complete transparency of the system and results in the full utilization of your advertising potential without compromising the user experience.


  • With the help of an open-source SDK, users can manage their campaigns.
  • The MoPub dashboard will allow users to adapt to your advertising strategies
  • Through the MoPub marketplace, publishers can connect with advertisers.
  • MoPub’s mediation helps users in allocating the right inventory to the right ad network.

What Users Loved the Most:

You can make the most of the tracking features available in the platform to monitor active users, clicks, impressions and revenue.


Now that you have identified the features of all the top native ad networks of the world, it is time to design your goals, set your budget and choose an ad network for mobile apps.