Best Mobile Video Ad Network for Apps in 2022

To become a successful ad publisher, you would have to do much elbow-greasing undoubtedly. Only developing an app from scratch and delivering high-end services and products would not guarantee success for your business. Instead, you will have to look forward to creating relevant ads for your audience, which would remind them about your business and help you to create a digital presence. Since the last few years, there has been a profound shift in the ad industry where mobile ads have replaced traditional ads. There is a simple reason behind this change, and that is the continuously increasing mobile users in recent days. Mobile video ads networks, also known as publishers, sell ad space to ad publishers. The ad publishers can make the most of the ad space rented to post the ads of their businesses. There are various types of mobile video networks available in the market nowadays, and they vary by features and price rates. Before opting for a particular ad network, you will have to check certain factors. For instance, whether the video ad network for apps hosts ads in your targeted region, offers the features you need. Also, if you are a newbie, then you need to check out the pricing plans of the ad networks as well, before finalizing one.

The Best video Ad Network for Mobile Apps of 2022

Here is the list of the top video ad networks for apps, and it states all the necessary features, pricing details and even the one feature users loved the most:

1. AdMob

Although AdMob was founded in 2006 as a mobile advertising platform, in 2009 it was acquired by Google. Since then AdMob has been offering advertising solutions for mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows phones etc. In 2013, Admob was redesigned to deliver services for mobile ad publishers. As of today, AdMob is the largest ad network of the world and serves more than 40 billion ads every month.


  • You will be able to cross-sell other apps with your products for free by using house-ads.
  • Super easy app integration offering flawless functionality.
  • Without needing to change your SDK, you would manage to get auto-updates from Google Play services.
  • The ad formats are such so to maximize user experience.

What Users Loved the Most:

The simple and intuitive interface is best for the ones starting their business.

2. Facebook’s Audience Network (FAN)

As the name suggests, Facebook offers advertising network solutions to app advertisers. With the help of Facebook’s Audience Network, you can monetize your ads on android and iOS apps. The ad network created by the team of Facebook aims to offer customer engagement and growth to a business. This is probably one of the best mobile video ad networks that you can consider while creating a digital presence because approx 1 billion ads from the Facebook Audience Network are viewed every month.


  • The network offers you numerous insights with the help of which you can grow your revenue.
  • The customer support team will sort everything out for you.
  • Publishers can choose from a huge range of video formats like there are pre-built formats for reward videos which are popular in gaming apps.
  • You would be able to remarket to your target audience at a low cost.

What Users Loved the Most:

The new campaign budget optimization feature delivers great performance and would save you from having to choose ads for spending based on the performance.


This is probably the best-rewarded video ad network for the blogging apps and therefore bloggers can make very good use of this. offers numerous portfolios of advertising technology across the domains of search, mobile, products, video and native. You might have heard about the D2S ad format, where user intents are searched and based on it relevant keywords are displayed resulting in the showing of search ads of advertisers. The D2D ad formats work in collaboration with the cost-per-click pricing model, which doubles the revenues of ad publishers.


  • Contextual ads are only displayed.
  • If you want to host ads, then you would add in chunks of revenue to your account owing to the high-quality ads.
  • You would find numerous reporting tools in your dashboard which are easy to understand.
  • If you have at least one account with you would be able to run ads on multiple websites.

What Users Loved the Most:

After getting signed up with you would be assigned a dedicated account manager who would not only help you to get started but will also optimize the ads for you.

4. Smaato

A Global in-app advertising platform, Smaato’s ad server strengthens apps of all sizes and niches to be at their best by helping them connect with the world’s top advertisers. If you want programmatic advertising and real-time bidding, then Smaato is the ad network you have been searching for. Smaato users can be in control of their inventory, optimization techniques and pricing.


  • The ‘ Dynamic Demand’ feature hosts auctions where a specific demand source is checked thoroughly so as to maximize the revenue of publishers.
  • The reach of this ad network is super stretched and therefore your ads would be viewed by almost 1.35 billion mobile users.
  • If you are a publisher then you can enjoy access to over 190 integrated ad networks and 260 DSPS which would result in high fill rates.

What Users Loved the Most:

Smaato is connected with over 390 demand partners and you can integrate it effectively without paying any extra fees.

5. PubMatic

If your premium content requires digital marketing excellency, then you should totally trust PubMatic. With the help of this platform’s features, independent app developers and publishers can maximize their revenue. PubMatics follows a publisher-first approach in which it helps the advertisers to engage their target audience in brand-safe, premium ad-environments across diverse platforms. This, in turn, works heavily in the favour of advertisers by doubling their ROIs. Since the foundation of PubMatic in 2006, innovation is at the forefront here and therefore you would be able to enjoy programmatic advertising solutions from this service provider.


  • The platform’s open wrap SDK to enable header bidding for mobile in-app ads.
  • Users can be in the competition for their ad inventory and improve their ad performance by connecting with multiple cloud demand partners with the help of the lightweight SDK.
  • Super easy to navigate around the platform, explore the features and implement it in your ads.
  • PubMatic competes at a high CPM rate and allows you to enjoy high fill rates as well.

What Users Loved the Most:

The pricing model of PubMatic depends on a ton of factors like the services you demand, the markets you want to target, etc.

6. RhythmOne

RhythmOne is a top mobile ad network 2022, works as a multi-platform ad exchange to help publishers and advertisers boost their ROI. The best thing about RhythmOne is that it enables ad publishers to access numerous demand sources and connect with the ones they find profitable. It also offers additional tools and solutions so that the ad publishers can make the most of those collaborations. This ad network platform works for the betterment of both clients through header bidder proprietor tags and servers with the help of Google’s exchange bidding solutions.


  • To help buyers and sellers connect effectively, they offer technological efficiency at each and every stage.
  • The platform is designed in a way so as to respond brilliantly to open bidding and Google bidding.
  • RhythmOne partners can make the most from their publisher partner inventory which will lead to higher ad revenues, bid rates and CPMs.
  • All the customers who will sign up with RhythmOne would be assigned a dedicated account manager.

What Users Loved the Most:

The platform is intuitive and user-friendly and 3rd party technologies can be effectively integrated into the platform.

7. Flurry

In the year of 2008, Flurry was acquired by Yahoo and since then it has been differentiating itself from the crowd of mobile ad networks with the help of its analytics features. If you have trouble examining the performance of numerous apps, then you can trust Flury as it will monitor your apps spread across diverse platforms efficiently.


  • Flurry allows you to view data from 5 different applications at the same time.
  • You can make creative ads by taking help from the demographics information lurry collects which includes age and gender of users.
  • The funnel feature of Flurry measures customer conversion metrics.
  • Flurry will test your ad campaigns and provide you feedback to improve so then you can edit your campaigns and retry.

What Users Loved the Most:

You can categorize or filter the analytics you derive, for example, you can separate premium users from basic users.

8. ChartBoost

After achieving success with your first app, you need to stay in the game and for that, you have to practice cross-selling your other apps. Chartboost, a mobile app advertising network allows developers to cross-sell their apps internally. The platform also focuses on cracking advertising deals between app developers. Chartboost is the preferred choice for game app developers because it offers the mobile-only ad platform for such apps.


  • Just with a few lines of codes, app developers can integrate an SDK.
  • Users can use analytics across all their advertising campaigns.
  • Delivers ad experiences that are specially designed for gaming apps.
  • With the help of mobile video ads, users would be able to engage their audience.

What Users Loved the Most:

App developers can access the dashboard and employ the analytical tools in deriving insights about the app performance.

9. Fyber

If you want to execute your smart app monetization strategies effectively across all mobile strategies through a mobile supply-side platform, then you can rely on Fyber and it will accomplish all these for you. Currently, Fyber is working with some of the best advertisers, publishers and app developers of the world.


  • You can enjoy free access to over 180 DSPs.
  • More than 7500 integrations with mobile app developers can be executed successfully.
  • Numerous ad formats to choose from, like reward videos, banners etc.
  • You will be able to get the opportunity to connect with big brands.

What Users Loved the Most:

Fyber increases competition by allowing users to sell ad inventory across direct campaigns, RTB, etc.

The Best Video Ad Networks for Mobile Apps in India in 2022

If you want to engage mobile users in India, then here are some of the ad networks you can consider:

1. SeventyNine

Brands looking forward to creating higher impact and increased brand engagement among customers in India can employ the solutions of Seventy-nine. To fill the gaps created by traditional ad formats, this ad network platform has created unique ad formats and innovative ad placement solutions.


  • Seventy-nine offers a rich audio and video experience which in turn triggers user engagement.
  • If you have not yet created an app and just want to enhance your advertising solutions, then you can approach Seventynine for this as well.
  • With the help of transparent reporting results, you would be able to track the performance of your ads.
  • The ads would reach to a wide audience, thanks to Sevetynine.

What Users Loved the Most:

The platform provides numerous targeting and retargeting options for the advertisers.

2. InMobi

InMobi, the top mobile video ad network in India has launched a new way of targeting mobile users, known as appographic targeting. This type of targeting enhances the chances of connecting users with the type of apps they like. It accomplishes this technique of marketing by basing the targeting on the users’ existing and previous app usages. Some of the majors trusting InMobi’s solutions are Samsung, Netflix, Airbnb, etc.


  • To engage mobile users globally, developers and merchants can use the Miip platform.
  • InMobi is the largest discovery platform in the world as it enables more than 100 billion sessions across numerous devices.
  • To connect with the right user, you would be given the opportunity to choose from 20,000 refined audience segments.

What Users Loved the Most:

InMobi delivers services such as app monetization, audience bidding and ad meditation for publishers.


Although the networks enlisted here are reliable and used by numerous users globally, you should thoroughly check the features and request for a price quote before opting for a particular video ad network for your apps.