Best Mobile Ad Mediation Platform for Apps in 2022

So you have already launched an app and are looking forward to monetizing your app with ads, and you end up getting connected with a ton of ad networks. But as the number of ad networks will grow, so will your difficulties in managing them. The only practical solution to manage your continually increasing number of ad networks and make money from this is by taking assistance from an ad mediation platform for apps. An ad mediation platform aims to enable you to connect with a ton of ad networks just with the help of a single SDK. In this way, it would help you to grow your revenue from ads because you would be able to work with multiple ad networks at the same time. An add mediator platform acts as a mediator between the ad networks and the publisher or the app developer. After getting ad requests from your app, the ad mediator passes it on to numerous ad networks, a competition between the ad networks takes place, and ultimately the highest bidder wins.

Features of a Robust Ad Mediation Platform for Apps

After finalizing on the decision of investing in ad mediation software, you might get lost amidst the thick crowd of ad mediation tools available these days. Therefore, you will have to identify the features of an ideal ad mediation tool and then match those with your preferred ad mediation platform. These are some of the features or characteristics that the best best mobile ad mediation platforms should exhibit:

Demand Integrations

To check how your chosen platform connects with the ad serves, you will have to see whether they provide a server to serve connections because it ensures accurate testing and tracking.

Maximum Formats Available

As banner ads and display ads are super easy to implement when it comes to advertising, they result in lowest per-impression costs, so check whether the platform offers interactive ad formats like native ads, etc.


If you are a newbie, then you should always have an eye for budget-friendly solutions; therefore, you should request for quote-based pricing from the customer support team in advance.

Robust Algorithm

The ad mediation platform you will choose should always be backed up by a few reliable and robust algorithms to ensure the reliability of the platform.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Most of the platforms enlisted in the following list come with a dashboard which lets users derive all the information they would want to track and analyze.

Detailed Reporting

A platform which provides you detailed reports about your advertising campaigns’ performance would help you immensely in decision making in the future.

AI-based Notifications

In the competitive advertising industry, you would always need real-time notifications from ad networks to bid for ad requests and to be the highest bidder; you would need to be up to date with all the happenings.

Best Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms of 2022

If you want to invest in some of the top ad mediation platforms for mobile apps, then you can consider one of these platforms which have got the best ratings from numerous big brands:

1. AdMob by Google

AdMob is perfect for meditation beginners because it allows publishers to manage different ad networks in one place, thereby simplifying the entire process. The mediation group of this platform is its USP because it enables you to add targeting settings for an entire group, and thus you would not have to go on adding targeting settings for each ad unit. When you will get new ad units created, you can just add it into the group. It supports diverse platforms like android, iOS and even WP7.


  • AdMob also delivers ad network solutions for publishers, so if you are in need for it, you can add it in your suite of features.
  • Users can also use the mediation test suite and test the effectiveness of their campaigns before launching it.
  • You would be able to choose from hundreds of interactive ad formats to engage your audience.
  • Publishers can streamline their every task by implementing the automated tools into action.

What Users Loved the Most:

A ton of ad networks all over the world support AdMob, about 25 in total and therefore you will be able to reach a wide audience.

2. ironSource

ironSource is considered to be one of the top ad mediation platforms which not only increases eCPMs but also boosts your revenue. You would be able to choose your preferred ad networks from 15 options offered by ironSource. Users would be able to pick multiple options and the platform will manage it efficiently. This would help publishers to save more time and also make app monetization a super easy task.


  • The dashboard is simple to navigate and users would be able to derive numerous insights from it.
  • Users would be able to choose from different mediation models.
  • Publishers can now connect with multiple ad networks which are also available in the platform.
  • It supports platforms like iOS, Adobe, Unity and Android.

What Users Loved the Most:

The best thing about using this platform is that it enables you to track engagement and other key metrics like ARPDAU and DAU.

3. Fyber

Mobile publishers can make the best of platforms like Fyber, because it offers numerous mediation solutions to them, like FairBird, an ad mediation platform. Also, if you are a publisher you can make a choice between the waterfall model and the unified auction. If you want to prioritize ads then you can choose Fyber undoubtedly because it is video-oriented.


  • Offers real-time reports which you can analyze to make informed decisions.
  • There are over 180 DSPs you can access.
  • You would be able to make the most of 10+ major ad networks, all are bidding for ad space and thus maximizing competition.
  • Some of the ad networks which are supported are Admob, AdColony, Unity Ads, Vungle etc.

What Users Loved the Most:

The interface is super simple and easy to use.

4. Appodeal

Appodeal is without any doubt one of the top mobile ad mediation platforms for apps and mobile games offering up to 60 major ad networks. As so many networks are competing for your ad inventory, you can expect your fill rates to be immensely high. All the major ad formats like banner, interstitial, native ads and rewarded videos and it gives you a huge benefit when it comes to ad placement resulting in the improvement of the UE of your app.


  • Users would be able to enjoy the pros of parallel budding which is the ultimate solution for header bidding.
  • You would be able to make the most of monetization globally.
  • Appodeal would offer you insights about various aspects of your advertising campaigns and ad positioning.

What Users Loved the Most:

You would never run out of ads and the credit goes to the 70+ top demand partners all implemented in a single intervention.

5. Chocolate Platform

The chocolate platform is considered to be preferred choices of publishers when it comes to mobile video ad mediation platforms. The platform maximizes revenue by implementing a universal auction model and not a traditional waterfall model. You can add any number of ad networks with the help of just a single SDK integration and Chocolate will handle all the SDK updates.


  • It supports 4 popular ad formats like interstitial, pre-roll, rewarded videos and native ad videos.
  • Single point billing is facilitated, which simplifies payouts from multiple ad networks.
  • Unified reporting which implies that it will help publishers to have a single view of the performance of all the diverse ad networks.
  • Chocolate offers a user-friendly dashboard.

What Users Loved the Most:

The cutting-edge technology and on-demand support of Chocolate makes monetizing a super easy job.

6. AdTapsy

If you want to maximize your revenue, then you can tie up with AdTapsy without any further doubts. When you create ad requests it is being sent to different ad networks so that you can derive the best results. But the best thing you would not have to do a thing, the autopilot mediation will work on your behalf. AdTapsy ensures you a 100% fill rate.


  • AdTapsy uses the waterfall model and it chooses the optimal ad networks for each country and app.
  • Users would be given the complete flexibility to adjust settings according to their advertising goals.
  • You would get daily reports and after analyzing it you would be able to derive insights from it.
  • With the help of easy SDK integrations, you would be able to integrate up to 7 ad networks.

What Users Loved the Most:

The dashboard of AdTapsy offers real-time updates about the performance of your apps and lets you track different performance indicators like fill rate, effective cost per mile, etc.

7. AppMediation

To ensure that you can maximize your revenue effectively, the platform of AppMediation assembles multiple ad networks which would compete for your ad inventory. The mediation optimization feature of AppMediation will select the best ad networks for you by considering multiple factors, like the geographical location of your business and the ad format you stick to. This automatically leads to excellent performance eventually resulting in a boost in revenue.


  • Publishers would be able to get their hands on personalized business reports generated by the platform.
  • Also users would be able to integrate all the ad networks they want to with the help of easy SDK integration.
  • It supports some of the top ad networks like InMobi, Chartboost, Vungle, Unity Ads, etc.

What Users Loved the Most:

All the 4 standard ad formats like banner, rewarded video, native video and interstitial are supported by AppMediation.

8. Admost

Admost started its journey as a publisher and thus after analyzing the shortcomings of other ad mediation platforms, it has launched its own free from such flaws. If you believe in the efficiency and the brilliance of the waterfall model, then you can consider this mobile ad mediation for developers. Admost will let you choose an SDK which will go through all the ad networks, easing the integration process as the networks will all be ranked using the waterfall model.


  • This is one of the few ad mediation tools which will let publishers cross-promote their other apps in their most established app.
  • You would be allowed to compare ad networks on the basis of their fill rates and eCPMs.
  • Since AdMost is not affiliated with any of the ad networks they support, their rankings are impartial and objective.

What Users Loved the Most:

Admost also provides analytical tools for the publishers so that they can get a 360-degree view of their business.

Best Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms in India in 2022

If you conduct your business from India, then your advertising strategies would not be completely effective unless you consider implementing any of the following ad mediation platforms:

1. Epom Apps

The feature which differentiates Epom Apps from the others is that it also offers optimization features apart from ad mediation functionalities. After integrating the SDK of Epom Apps, you would be able to integrate all the premium ad networks just with a single account. Epom Apps is also a favourite of newbies because it audits your app and offers you advice on your ad placements and formats.


  • The mediation algorithm of Epom Apps will select the best price as well as the ad for every slot.
  • Since the platform partners with some of the high-paying advertisers, you would get the best price for your ad space.
  • The platform guarantees you about 98% fill rate so that you would be assured that every user using your app would bring you more revenues.
  • To improve waterfall competition, Epom Apps collaborates with direct advertisers for exclusive campaigns.

What Users Loved the Most:

The matching algorithm of this platform will automatically match the users’ targeting profiles with that of the highest-paid and relevant ads.

2. Mopub

If you want to connect with all the leading ad networks in one place, then you are recommended to partner with MoPub. This works in favour of mobile publishers and they manage to boost their revenue easily. The best thing about using MoPub is that you would get access to demand from Twitter.


  • The competition from all the ad networks supported by MoPub would guarantee that you would get higher bids which would add into your profits.
  • It also closely follows the techniques of unified auction.
  • MoPub will offer you header bidding solutions as well.

What Users Loved the Most:

MoPub displays revenue data of your business and lets you derive understandable impressions from it.


So if you have already found an app for your business, then don’t just sit back expecting that advertising will follow its due course. Instead, take action today and choose from this list of the ad mediation platform for apps.