The Best App Analytics Software Tools: 2022

It was said that if you do not have data, you are just another person with an opinion. So, if you are a developer, you positively require the app analytics software tools. They would analyse how your app is performing, and provide a good understanding of how your users behave on the app, the ways in which the app can be optimized and more. A study by Harvard Business Review showed that businesses that integrate multiple sources of customer and marketing data significantly outperform other companies and that they had exponentially higher total shareholder returns. Here,you can compare the best app analytics software tools and platforms on the market today. Here, we have a list of the best app analytics software tools. You can also check out the best Amazon marketing software tools for FBA sellers.

How To Choose the Best App Analytics Software Tool

When you are choosing an app analytics software tool, you can easily be overwhelmed. You will find so many vendors on the market and each day, more and more come. Finding the best app analytics software tool for your business can be both daunting and challenging. One of easiest ways to find out which is the best app analytics software tool for you is to do thorough research on the ones available in the market and the kind of business you own. Based on your knowledge of both, you can decide on it. If not that, you can also test these tools and since most of them are free, you can easily compare and decide on what suits you the best.

Best App Analytics Software Tools: 2022 Edition

Here is a list of the best app analytics tools that you can get your hands on.

1. Google Mobile App Analytics | Free App Analytics Software for Andriod and iOS

With the help of Google Analytics for Mobile Apps, you can both measure and optimize your user acquisition and engagement with the mobile applications. They have made very easy-to-use Software Development Kits and reports with app developers in mind. This is one of the best options available in the market because of its wide reach and features. Their users have attested that they are very reliable.


Shows the number of users in your app, their characteristics, and where exactly they come from.

  • Measure the actions that users take.
  • Measure the in-app payments and revenue.
  • According to your business, you can make custom reports.
  • Visualize user navigation paths.
  • Slice and dice your data to understand different user groups’ behavior
  • Leverage Google Analytics data in other Google products.

Platforms supported: Available for both iOS and Android.

2. Apple Analytics | Best App Analytics Software for iOS

Description: Apple Analytics helps you understand how users discover and interact with your app and helps you curate better app experiences that would efficiently help you grow your business. You can get valuable data that you would not be able to find any place elsewhere than in App Analytics, Sales and Trends, and Payments and Financial Reports within App Store Connect. You can easily measure the daily performance of your apps and in-app purchases on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.


  • On App Analytics, you will find an understanding of your App Units as well as breakouts by territory, source, and device.
  • You can find Conversion rates according to source type to see where more conversions come from.
  • You can easily make campaign links which would take your users to App Store‚Äôs product page and allow tracking of every marketing channel.
  • You can understand typical engagement with your app and track progress toward usage goals
  • You can see the percentage of devices on which your app was used in the days after the initial installation.

Platforms supported: Available for iOS only.

3. Firebase | Best App Performance Monitoring Software Tool

Description: Firebase basically uses Google Analytics, at its core. Google Analytics is a free solution that helps with measurement across apps and provides insight on app usage and user engagement. Firebase has integrated with Analytics across features and brings for you the perfect blend of both their features that would serve you very well.


  • Unlimited reporting for upto 500 distinct events.
  • Shows you reports based on how the users behave, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Define custom audiences based on device data, custom events, or user properties.

Platforms supported: Available for both iOS and Android.

4. AppsFlyer | Best App Intelligence Analytics Software

The SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform, AppsFlyer helps you with accurate data, a customer centric approach, and privacy by design. This makes them the choice of the best brand across the world. They are trusted by the leading brands like TikTok, Reddit, Visa, Pinterest, eBay and more. They provide you the perfect conglomeration of tools to drive marketing success.


  • Attribute all the touchpoints across the user journey.
  • Engage your users when and where it matters.
  • Secure your ad spend from mobile fraud.
  • Provides an analysis of your performance in real time.
  • Helps in segmentation and management of your audience from one centralized dashboard.
  • Provides absolutely accurate data.

Platforms supported: Available for both Android and iOS.

5. MixPanel | Best Enterprise App Analytics Software

With MixPanel, you can be assured of powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users and build better products. It is relied on by over 26,000 amazing companies which is inclusive of Uber, Exepedia, SkyScanner and more. One of their customers, Lemonade, which is the definition of the modern insurance industry, says that this is their go to for user and product analysis. They give you extremely powerful reports that can help answer any question.


  • Helps understand users’ behaviour better.
  • Helps in quick segmentation and visualization of your data.
  • Helps measure the success of your launched products.

Platforms supported: Available for both iOS and Android.

6. GameAnalytics | Free Player Tracking and Analytics Software for App

They have analytics tools that are rich with features and are universal for studios and publishers across the world. They help you gain both insight and clarity to the portfolio of games along with better control. They help you collect, visualize, and understand your player data all in one platform. Their free analytics dashboards are built for everyone, irrespective of whether they are big or small, publisher or studio.


  • Helps monitor how the games perform in real time.
  • Shows and helps fix critical issues in your player flows.
  • Helps in customization of your games with no updates.
  • Helps in easy connection and management of your entire game portfolio.
  • Get insights in real time with more than 50 gaming KPIs available from the minute you integrate, on pre-configured dashboards.
  • With connection to supported attribution integrations, find which paid campaigns are most successful.

Platforms supported: Available for both iOS and Android.

These are some of the best analytics tools available in the market. You can decide on the one best suited for your business based on the features given. They would provide you with the solid information according to which you can make your decisions. Hope this helps.