10 Best App Store Optimization Courses to Try in 2022

The process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Quite like Search Engine Optimization for websites, app store optimisation is for mobile apps. The process for app store optimisation includes ranking in-app store results and top charts highly. The higher the app rank, the more downloads it gets.

There are various components that contribute to it and influence the ranking of apps within Google Play and the App Store. The five important factors are the name of the app, the app’s description, keywords that describe the app, the number and quality of user ranting, and the number of downloads. Taking the best app store optimisation courses are very important to take because it will influence how your app ranks.

Why is it Important to Take the Best App Store Optimisation Courses?

The largest distribution channel for both iOs and Android apps in both the app store and Google play is searching. A survey has shown that almost 50% of the people have found apps by searching with the store, which is thrice in comparison to recommendations, the next most common method of finding apps. This makes it important to take the best app store optimisation courses because they can increase the number of downloads. 

1. Rank Your Mobile App Higher and Faster: The Express Guide by Asi Meir on  Udemy

This is a focused course to teach you how the ranking in the iTunes store and Google play works and how you need to act in order to play it right. The course is taught by Asi Ace Meir, an experienced online marketer from the startup nation Israel, through videos, presentations, and examples that will review the best practices. The course serves as an eye-opener for developers and independent app entrepreneurs who want to know the field better and improve their rankings, traffic, and users/downloads. When you are done with the course, you will be familiar with ASO parameters, and you will have a greater idea of the steps you need to take in order to gain more users. The course will teach you the best practices, on-page and off-page tactics, and you will receive lots of knowledge and tricks that you will be able to use to promote your app more effectively.

2. Online App Store Optimization Course with Certification by IIDE

This course will teach you how to optimise your Android and iOS apps to attract more visitors to the app store. By the end of this extensive online App Store Optimization course, you will be able to secure higher visibility in the app stores, increase their conversion rates and learn ASO tools, tips, and strategies. IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained. The course is taught by Rushabh Sheth, who has put together optimisation strategies and fueled the growth of emerging and established apps in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The course will teach you the app store optimisation fundamentals and will talk about the tips and tools for the same. It will help you analyse your app’s performance and also discuss conversion rate optimisation at length.

3. Mobile App Marketing: App Store Optimization by Oak Academy on Udemy

The course will teach you how to optimise app stores, how to track keywords, how to find correct keywords, creatives, A/B testing. This course is perfect if you want to start learning app store optimisation. They have explained ASO from beginner to all levels and have explained all the topics as simply as possible with examples, slides and diagrams. They have created a lot of examples and used real apps while explaining the subjects. They have provided you with the best learning experience and lifetime access to the course.

4. App Store Optimization Training by Zeolearn

This course will teach you how to make your app more visible, increase the number of quality downloads in the Play Store and iOS. You will learn the best way to use keywords and frame titles to put your app at the top of search engine rankings. They will help you grasp the fundamental concepts of ASO, including factors affecting it. The course will teach you about keywords, localisation, and other techniques to optimise app listing to improve traffic. The course will give you a fair understanding of the techniques to improve search engine ranking for applications. This course will help you optimise your app listing to attract traffic and ultimately increase downloads for your app. 

5. Introduction to App Store Optimization by Gabriel Machuret on Aso Professional

The instructor has taught several ASO courses in the last ten years, but this is the latest course and has a lot of fresh insights on how apps rank, how you can increase your organic traffic and more, all to make your app a success. They will cover a wide array of topics to give you full knowledge of everything app-related for both Apple and Google Play. They will help identify the many factors that affect organic traffic and use tools that can help you rank higher for specific keywords. This course will help you achieve that delicate balance between time tested techniques and newer practices. The course will have two types of videos – shorter ASO power lessons packed with tips and slightly longer tutorial type videos so you can see ASO in action.

6. Use Keywords to Optimize and Localize your App Store on Coursera

This course is focused on technical, mobile and social strategies for increasing site traffic. They will teach you how to build SEO for international audiences through content localisation, global team alignment and optimising for local search engines. You will discover techniques to optimise mobile-friendly websites, get mobile apps discovered, and leverage social media to drive organic SEO traffic. You will also learn how to identify key SEO metrics and collect, interpret, validate, and report success to your clients and stakeholders. This is the best course you can take to make the most of mobile and app SEO.

7. App Store Optimization Ins and Outs by ASO Desk

The course will provide you with an introduction to ASO and why it is important to sync with paid traffic, the difference between ASO specialists and the ASO lead, and how to pick an ASO tool. They will discuss the differences between Google Play and App Store and explain how to work with assembling keywords, composing the description and text metadata on Google Play. The instructor will talk about textual optimisation and compare algorithms of App Store and Google Play. The instructor will also share some excellent tips to improve keyword positions and get more installs.


It is very important to take one of the best app store optimisation courses because it will help you learn how to promote your business effectively online and will help you develop a great marketing strategy. These courses will help you dive deeper into the world of search engine optimisation because app store optimisation is pretty much built on the basis of SEO. Take the best app store optimisation courses that we have listed here and see the difference.